Grrrr…Half way through this afternoon I found I wasn’t wearing my pedometer.  Once I got past the panic that I’d actually lost it – following some frantic texts to my husband to look for it at home – I was left just feeling irritated that I’d even walked before work today and hadn’t got those steps counted.   So I’m being up front here and saying I will be adding a guesstimate of 2,200 steps to whatever total I manage during this evenings walk.

Since my rest day on Sunday, my count for Monday and Tuesday have been respectable, though I’ll happily admit my hubbie’s suggestion of a walk into Stapleford for dinner on Monday evening helped a lot.

Half the fun of writing this blog is the opportunity to hunt through my photos from Israel and chose one for each post.  Today’s was taken looking out of our hotel window across a green bit of Jerusalem.  On one day at the beginning of our stay we actually counted 6 different flags flying on the buildings we could see.  When we got our bearings enough we figured out we overlooked a number of different Embassies hence all the flags.  Too often it was already dark when we got back to the hotel for us to enjoy the view and too many mornings it was barely light when we left for the day.  Staying in Jerusalem involved a lot of looooong days.