Today is Good Friday which means there are only two more days in my self imposed challenge.  I can’t decide if I’m happy or sad about that but I’m certainly proud of how generous and encouraging my supporters have been.  It’s very humbling.

Last night I drove down to Witherley Parish Hall and shared Passover Supper with families from the Fenn Lanes Group of Churches including my sister and some of the other pilgrims who travelled to Israel last year all in aid of the Bishop of Leicester’s Lent Appeal for Nabulus.

I’ve never been to a Passover Supper before and was surprised at the amount of theatre and symbolism the celebration involved.  It was an interesting and fun experience and the food provided by local people was fantastic.  I wish I could cook that well.

Talking about food, today’s picture is of one of the best and most unexpected meals we had during the Pilgrimage.  On the day we moved from Jerusalem up to the Sea of Galilee, incidentally the same day as we visited Nablus our guides were struggling to find somewhere 2 coaches and 80 plus people could stop for lunch.  Our driver suggested his cousin’s restaurant in Sabastia which was at the top of a very narrow twisting road through the town.  For a last minute arrangement it was an amazing lunch with lots of salads, chicken, fresh breads, humous and fruits and really quite cheap.

2013-11-03 13.15.21

This is a picture of our amazing host.


Outside the restaurant were some amazing archaeological ruins, plus a camel for us tourists to ride.  Inevitably as we were deep in the West Bank there was also a jeep full of very young well armed Israeli soldiers and even a few young men throwing stones across the car park at the soldiers.  Not something I expected to see when I walked around the front of the coaches!