So Lent is over and with it my Walking for Nablus challenge.

Since the beginning of Lent I have walked 351,693 steps which equates to 166.5 miles and averages out at 7483 steps per day.  There were only 4 days when I failed to reach 5,000 steps.  8 days when I passed 10,000 steps and 17 days when I reached 7,500 (that’s assuming I’ve counted up correctly).

Currently I think I’ve raised over £230.00 for the Bishop of Leicester’s Lent Appeal which I think is amazing and makes me very proud.

As Easter has just passed I chose today’s main picture as it’s the spot within the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem where it is said Jesus was crucified.

Below are pictures of the place where Jesus’ body was laid when he was removed from the cross and the huge tapestry / painting that covers the wall behind it.   This was a spot that fascinated me but I couldn’t get my head around the way people were bringing carrier bags full of shawls and clothes to rub across the stone.

2013-11-01 07.44.40

2013-11-01 07.53.02

And then there was the ‘tomb’ where Jesus was buried which is also housed within the walls of the Holy Selpuchre but which left me cold.  No doubt my feelings weren’t helped by the fact that the place was surrounded by masses of tourists/pilgrims who were bunched up and queuing as though waiting to get on the latest ride at Alton Towers.

2013-11-01 08.18.46