It’s felt like a long while coming, but today I saw a post on Facebook from the Diocese of Leicester that advised that the well at Nablus has now been reopened and refurbished thanks in part to all the kind people who sponsored me on this challenge.

I have shared the post on my facebook page but in case you can’t read it there, this is the text as it appears on FB.

“In 2013 Bishop Tim led a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and the group of pilgrims were very fortunate to be able to cross over the border into the West Bank and visit the Anglican Church in Nablus.

The local priest, Father Ibrahim, and his “flock” made us very welcome and the Bishop was keen that we help in whatever way we could. Fr Ibrahim explained that there was a real need for fresh water for the congregation and community and that they needed a hefty sum to re-open a very old well and make it fit for use as a source of fresh water.

So Bishop Tim’s Lent Appeal last year was to raise the money needed. The old well, by tradition, had miraculous healing powers and the locals used to flock to the well to drink and be blessed.

The well has now been re-opened and a miracle has indeed happened, as the workmen found not one, but two wells… a real blessing!

So the money raised across the diocese helped the well project to be achieved, and the excess was sent on to another place the Bishop’s pilgrims visited, the Bethlehem Rehabilitation Centre, an excellent hospital specialising in care for children.”
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