Firstly, something to add to yesterday’s walk. Part of the walk was up Pitt Lane in Trowell. It was probably about 4:30 when we were there. Then only a couple of hours later we saw on the news that a large fire was burning from a gas main. Thank God that nobody was hurt.

Today’s walk was on the River Leen again. But I think it was my slowest walk yet for the distance. But I have managed to get to 10,000 steps today.

The problem was my ankle. Before I’d been worried about the strength of my knees, but I now seem to be having trouble with my ankle.

So tomorrow I’m having a chat with Fiona from Bridge 38 Physiotherapy. Let’s see what advice she can give.



Step count today: 10,794
Step count total: 216,846
Daily average: 12,756
Progress towards target of 310,000 steps: 69%
Money raised for Cancer Research UK: £481
400 pounds

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Ankle trouble