I started today with a walk around Bramcote Park. 

Into the park at Stanley Drive, then did a lap and a half of the park to leave by the main entrance.

What a lot of people struggling to get a parking space in the park!!! I did wonder how many of the people who drive to the park live as close to it as I do. It is only a 5 minute walk for me to get to Bramcote Park.

This walk was just under 5,000 steps. The intention was to then go for another walk in the afternoon. But after some work in the garage and in the garden, I’ve already reached 10,000 steps. So I can stay at home and wait for my parcel from Amazon.

Lap and a half of Bramcote Park

Thank You

Thank you to the following people who have donated recently:
  • Fergus Gormley
  • Dawn Atkins
  • Andy Wheeler

I am so glad to see so many other people feel Cancer Research is a very important and worthwhile cause.

It really does help to keep me going.

Thank you, everyone smile


Step count today: 11,063
Step count total: 253,275
Daily average: 12,664
Progress towards target of 310,000 steps: 81%
Money raised for Cancer Research UK: £700
500 pounds raised

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Daffodils in Bramcote Park