Day Thirty of my Thirty-One day challenge and I’m still managing to find new places to walk.

Today I headed towards the Erewash Canal. My main reason, apart from it being a lovely place to walk, was to see what had happened with the bridge over the railway line. It had been closed yesterday.

And it turns out they had swept the muck out of the drainage channels.


So rather than walking along the canal as I have done before, I carried on over the canal and over Ilkeston Road, into Stoney Clouds Nature Reserve. I’ve never been there before. It is a mixture of woods and stunning views.

Then out the far side of Stoney Clouds Nature Reserve, I went over a footbridge crossing the M1 and into Erewash Valley Golf Course.

I didn’t go far into the golf course. There was a footpath, but there were quite a few golf players and I thought I’d rather not dodge golf balls.


Step count today: 12,104
Step count total: 374,095
Daily average: 12,470
Progress towards target of 310,000 steps: 120%
Money raised for Cancer Research UK: £870
500 pounds raised

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From Stoney Clouds looking towards North West
Stoney Clouds Nature Reserve