Details of my progress each day:

Date Steps Comments
Wed 5th March  5580  Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.
Thur 6th  6040
Fri 7th  9614
Sat 8th  6532
Sun 9th  13175  Best day so far – beautiful weather helped.
Mon 10th  7909
Tues 11th  6433
Wed 12th  7061
Thurs 13th  8074
Fri 14th  10925  Another good day.
Sat 15th  6442
Sun 16th  5432 Mad day at a Sci- Fi convention
Mon 17th  6456
Tues 18th  8566
Wed 19th  6799
Thurs 20th 10929
Fri 21st  5571
Sat 22nd  5965
Sun 23rd  1975 A day of rest
Mon 24th  7654
Tues 25th  6880
Wed 26th 8729 A day where I failed to wear my pedometer all day, so added 2,200 for the time at work and a short pre-work walk.
Thurs 27th  6355
Fri 28th  9029
Sat 29th  8092
Sun 30th  5017
Mon 31st  3951 Failed 🙁
Tues 1st April  7723
Wed 2nd 5930
Thurs 3rd  6412
Fri 4th  7863
Sat 5th  7681
Sun 6th  7181
Mon 7th  2142  Failed again  🙁
Tues 8th  7502
Wed 9th  7508
Thurs 10th  10485  A Great Day. Retail therapy and lunch for my sister’s birthday
Fri 11th  10681  Thanks to my son for walking with me at Attenborough Sailing Club and Nature Reserve.
Sat 12th  5664
Sun 13th  4196
Mon 14th  7731
Tues 15th  8652
Wed 16th  8379
Thurs 17th  7580  Passover Supper at Witherley Parish Rooms
Fri 18th 11922  Good Friday
Sat 19th  11235
Sun 20th April  10041  Easter Sunday and the final day of the challenge